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Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator


Comprehensive program to generate professional barcodes

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Barcode Generator Software to create and print high quality professional barcodes in less amount of time

  Barcode Generator, Barcode Creator, Barcode Maker Software designs and prints bulk of professional barcodes with Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, EAN
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This Barcode Generator software is truly exceptional and creates barcodes in required pattern for various products of my business in two steps, really it’s a amazing software. Barcode Generator is so simple in use, just install with minimum configuration and generates rich quality barcodes.
Michhael Clarke

With Barcode Generator my job is easy going and maintains inventory very conveniently by proper barcodes for price tagging. I have purchased different barcode software but they were not fruitful for my business needs, extremely complex process to create few barcodes but Barcode Generator gives me perfect barcodes and no operator is required to create and print barcodes.
Jennifer Smith

Barcode Generator is superb solution and provides me most easiest way to generate different colorful barcodes in few minutes. This software is quiet simple to install and no need of advanced configuration system to generate barcodes. Thanks to Barcode Generator gives me best and fastest software.
Joszi Williams


Barcode Generator Overview

Barcode Generator is advanced and economical software to generate numerous high resolution 1D barcodes for several small to large scale business or industries. Barcode Software offers best as well as swift solution to create and print professional barcodes with 26 linear barcode fonts including UPC, EAN, Code 39, Codabar, ISBN, Postnet, Telepen, Industrial 2 of 5, GS1 and many more in two basic steps with use of user friendly interface. Barcode Generator is most competent and effortless tool for generating multiple barcodes appositely for lots of varied layouts such as tags, ribbons, coupons, bands, stickers and integrates in multifarious sectors like Manufacturing, Distribution, Packaging, Transportation, Warehouse, Retail, HealthCare, Pharmaceuticals, Airlines, Telecommunications and number of others.

Barcode Generator Product Box  

Barcode Generator proficiently generates bulk of single or sequential list barcodes and absolutely ideal to incorporate additional information such as Item Name, Code etc with barcodes by using Text Above/Below. Barcode Application retains functionality to import/export data through text or excel documents for creating barcodes and provides data in datasheet for instant modifications in values. Barcode Generator easily generates customize barcodes with appropriate adjustments in bars, spaces, margins, fonts, text style, height-width, colors and other settings via preview panel to create barcodes with apposite arrangements. Barcode Program is full featured comprehensive tool with feature to save barcodes in distinctive image formats i.e. jpg, bmp, gif, tiff etc. Barcode Generator expertly copy barcodes as images and conveniently employs within Windows applications viz. Word, Paint, Excel, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc. Barcode Software is completely expedient tool to print flawless barcodes with distinct alignments including auto, manual or distinguished pre defined labels like Apli, Avery, Aone, Herma and number of others by using any ordinary or barcode printer. Barcode Generator proffers absolutely simple, standalone and Windows OS compatible approach to hastily generate number of barcodes.

Import-Export Barcodes

Import-Export Barcodes
Barcode Generator is powerful, speedy tool to generate single and sequential list of barcodes by easily import data from text
and excel documents in minimal steps. Software also incorporates functionality to export values of created barcodes through datasheet in .txt and .xls format documents.

List Barcode

List Barcodes
Barcode Generator is expedient, advanced tool to generate number of single and sequential list of barcodes in few simple steps by import and export
Barcode Generator is expedient, advanced tool to generate number of single and sequential list of barcodes in few simple steps by import and export

Print Barcodes

Print  Barcodes
Automated tool to efficiently print customized high resolution barcodes with specific printing alignments including Auto,
Manual and Pre Defined labels. Barcode Generator is competent to print barcodes with distinct layouts and label stocks as Apli, Avery, Aone, Ace, Herma, Compu, Formtec etc.

Copy to Clipboard

Copy to clipboard
Software is extremely expert and preeminent tool to employ linear barcodes with specific image DPI by simply copy barcodes
along with either Resolution Independent Metafile or Bitmap image type format in various Windows applications such as Ms Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Paint.

Save Barcodes

Images format
Barcode Generator proffers effectual and effortless software with feature of ‘Save’ option. Tool facilitates to save barcodes in image
formats with distinct DPI for reuse. Easily save barcodes as jpg, gif, emf, exif, png, tif, wmf, bmp, icon and memory bitmap images along with defined resolution.


Barcode Generator is widely implements in several commercial and non commercial industries such that Manufacturing,
Warehouse, Retail, Distribution, Packaging, Chemicals, Transportation, Postal Services, Automobiles, Airlines, Telecommunications, Security Services, Entertainment, Stationary etc.

Font Supported


Code 93

Interleaved 2 of 5

Code 11

Code 93 extended


Code 128

EAN 13


Code 128 A



Code 128 B



Code 128 C



Code 39

Industrial 2 of 5


Code 39 Extended

Intelligent mail